Next Steps

What Can You Do?
Check out these organizations that focus on this vital aspect of preserving the broadest life possible in the next generation.

• Conservation International’s work to prioritize the most critical areas for conservation

• The Nature Conservancy’s atlas of global conservation and online version:

Take a Trip
Many eco-travel agencies exist today offering trips to regions in high priority conservation status. Book a trip but make sure to include some conservation service work as part of the travels! If you are not as adventurous for international travel, then become active in your own area.  Look for Audubon centers, local conservation agencies, or even volunteer for your state's parks and wildlife department.  If all these are too remote for you, try a local project with Boy or Girl Scouts.  Refurbish a creek to attract watchable wildlife return. Most of all be creative and take the initiative to restore areas back to their local biome!

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