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Perhaps you’d like to explore more information about these topics or look into other ways that we are changing our environment! You can download a version of ImageJ for your desktop computer at:    Reference for the images used in this activity are all from Earth Observatory’s World of Change website, there are a dozen other case studies for you to download and investigate.  

Other support pages on the Aral Sea

USGS EarthShots for the Aral sea:   Aral Sea’s size in ’61,’73,’87,’99    Syr Darya and cotton fields     Filed brief recognizing the Aral Seas problem

Other Aral Sea imagery on Earth Observatory    Oct 2010 recovery a bit  Minimum sized sea 2009   Dust blowing off Aral floor  ‘09  Northern Aral Sea recovery 07  Northern Aral Sea 05 -06 filling  Sept ’89 – Aug ‘03    Hand Drawn shores 01 - 08

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